August 9, 2021

Trying out Euro Jackpot Lottery with Guide

The Euro Jackpot Lottery is one of the latest lottery games that is available to play. The very first live draw took place on the 23rd of March in 2012. The stakes from over fourteen European countries are pooled together to make one huge jackpot that is up for grabs every Friday night when the live draw occurs. The live draw takes place in Helsinki, Finland.

How to Play the Euro Jackpot

Five numbers need to be chosen from a batch of one to fifty numbers and an additional two numbers are chosen from a separate batch of one to ten numbers. These two additional numbers are the bonus numbers and help increase the odds and possible winning divisions. The numbers can be selected by the player themselves or they can use the random number generator to have the numbers selected for them.

How to Win the Euro Jackpot Prize

The main Euro Jackpot Lottery prize is awarded to anyone who has selected all seven numbers that match the drawn winning numbers. There are another eleven divisions in which to fall under to win secondary prizes. Having two, three, four or five main matching numbers with either one or two of the bonus numbers will award various amounts. Each division receives a percentage of the overall fund. If there are multiple winners in any specific division the apportioned prize is divided equally between them. If there are no winners for the main jackpot prize it will roll over to the following draw. This occurs up to twelve times consecutively before the jackpot prize will roll down to the next division.

Playing the Euro Jackpot Lottery Online

There is no longer the need to live in any of the participating European countries in order to take part in the Euro Jackpot Lottery since the Internet is an online world of endless opportunities. Lottery fans around the world can enter this lottery by playing online. It is however important to only play the lottery at the safest online sites offering authentic Euro Jackpot Lottery tickets. These sites will offer special features for members as well as a host of other premium services. Players will not have to worry about searching for the results, as the sites will inform them of any wins even if they have won any of the secondary prizes. All secondary cash prizes will be collected by the site and placed into the players’ personal online account and if by chance they have won the main jackpot prize the site will guide them to claiming the win.

Purchasing Euro Jackpot Lottery Tickets Online

The benefit of making online lottery ticket purchases is that it can be done absolutely anywhere in the world. If a player doesn’t live in any of the participating countries or if they are travelling there is no need to miss out on the draw. Like making bets at, purchases can be made using any desktop computer, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or any other leading and compatible device. This makes the whole process incredibly convenient. There is no risk to losing or damaging online Euro Jackpot Lottery tickets as the virtual tickets are stored in the players’ personal online account. Once the draw has taken place the tickets are checked against the winning numbers and the players will be informed of any winning prizes.

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