July 28, 2021

A Quick Look at the NRL Betting for Punters

The NRL is the National Rugby League in Australasia, which is Australia and some surrounding countries and islands. The NRL is one of the biggest rugby leagues in the world and compromises of teams which are made up of players which are utilised in world cup matches and other international tournaments. The NRL has sixteen teams; fifteen of which are based in Australia and one of which is based in New Zealand. All NRL matches are played in Australia and New Zealand from March to October culminating in the NRL grand Final. This game and all of the other games throughout the year offer betting to not only punters from Australia and New Zealand but to all over the world.

How to Place a Bet on the NRL

The easiest way to place a bet on the NRL is via the internet. There are many sites which can be accessed with a click of the mouse from the comfort of your own home. Of course, it is vital to ensure that your chosen site is legitimate and registered. There are many fly by night sites out there which are just out to make a quick buck. Going with the well known sites is always a good way to go.

Another way to place a bet on the NRL is via a sports book at a local establishment such as a pub. This is a much more social way of placing a bet but has its restrictions.

Different Types of Bets

There are many different kinds of bets at https://bettingonlinesports.net.au/mobile that you can place not only on NRL games but also players, team and even scores. Getting to know these terms will help you to place your bets correctly.

Head to Head

This is the most basic of wagers which can be placed on a game. This is simply who will win, with no embellishments.

Scoring Bets

There are a number of wagers which can be placed on the various scoring methods which may happen during a game. For instance, you can place a bet on who will win the next line out, or who will score the next try. A conversion wager is a bet on whether a try will be converted or not.

During Match Wagers

These are bets on what will happen during a match. These include scoring types such as a 40/20 kick or a field goal.


These are one of the most difficult types of wagers to place as it involves the difference between the two team’s scores. Margins can be placed at half time, at the 80th minute or at the end of the match. Some bookies offer better odds on margins than others. Having a look around to find the one that has the best odds for you is important.

NRL Futures Betting

Futures Betting is placing wagers on what will happen during the entire season, and what it’s outcome will be. Bets can be placed on things like the most losses and number of season wins. This, of course, is a long term wager, and the earlier you get your bets in the higher your winnings will be.

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