February 9, 2023

Throwing Light on Jewel Box Online Slots

The Jewel Box online slots game has a number of bonus features that are available to players. As with many other popular online slots games, this game also includes a wild symbol. The wild symbol can be used to substitute for any other symbol. This in turn gives players a greater chance of being able to achieve a winning row. Based on the number that shows on the wild symbol, a player’s winnings will be multiplied by this number. As such, a win could for instance, by increased from 50 coins to 250 coins without too much fuss.

Jewel Box Bonus Game Features

While playing Jewel Box in normal play mode, if it happens that three of the Jewel Box symbols pop up on the reels, the bonus game will be activated. This bonus casino game is a simple pick and choose type of game. Players can pick the boxes that they like the look of, and if they are lucky, the will be rewarded with some decent extra bonuses.

The final bonus feature available in this online Jewel Box slots game is the gamble button. This button is what makes this game strategic to some point, as players can decide whether to keep their winnings, or whether to gamble those winnings with the hope of achieving even larger winnings. At any point in the game, tapping or clicking on the gamble button will give the player an opportunity to win double their money, or even quadruple their win. Players do this by picking a card. If they are able to correctly guess the color of the card, then the winnings are doubled. If the correct suit is picked, then winnings will be quadrupled. This is nothing complicated, but does give players the chance to go for bigger wins.

Jewel Box Playing Buttons

For new players, there are some buttons that might seem a little confusing. The coins buttons will enable the player to increase or decrease the number of coins that they use to bet on an active payline.

Players are able to bet on or play on a maximum of 15 paylines. The numbers of paylines that a player plays on can be selected using the Lines button.

A button that is common to many other online pokies games and is also present on Jewel Box slots, is the Bet Max button. Clicking or tapping on this button will automatically place the maximum bet for the next spin.

Another button that players will find on most online slots game is the autoplay button. This button will bring up an autoplay menu, which allows players to choose exactly how they want this feature to work.

For further details on all of the symbols in the Jewel Box online slots game, as well as what matching up different symbols will result in, tap on the paytable button. This paytable will show players what they can potentially win if they are able to match up certain symbols. While playing this online slots game, players can always quickly refer to this table in the case they need to make a decision about how much to bet on their next spin.

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