July 9, 2021

Most Extravagant Land-Based Casinos in The World

When you read or hear about the world’s most exclusive or luxurious casinos they tend to be in Las Vegas. This is not because it has the monopoly on extravagant casinos – this is simply a reputation bolstered by Hollywood blockbusters and the dominant discourse of the American dream. Although Las Vegas does boast an impressive selection of casinos and it is certainly worth a visit, there are many wonderfully extravagant casinos to be found across the globe.

Our mobility has been severely hindered in light of the pandemic and everyone is itching to travel. If you are passionate about gambling and want to experience the most luxurious casinos that the world has to offer, we would highly recommend centring your next vacation around one of these exclusive and world-renowned casinos.

Casino Baden-Baden – Baden-Baden, Germany

This Casino is considered by many to be the most extravagant casino in the world. Las Vegas casinos tend towards an over-the-top display of neon lights, loud music, and a general atmosphere of partying and even debauchery. While this is perfectly suited to some occasions, the German-based Baden-Baden has a much classier feel to it.

As a casino that was frequented by the noble in the 19th century, it is decorated with red velvet and crystal chandeliers – not unlike the nearby French palaces such as Versailles. If you want to experience what it was like to gamble amongst the elites in the age of luxury, visit the Baden-Baden.

The Venetian – Macau, China

This casino remains the biggest brick-and-mortar institution today with a surface area of 546 000 square feet. The expansive casino is home to over 870 gaming tables and 3000 gaming machines as well as two dozen world-class bars and restaurants.

Furthermore, there are multiple swimming pools and shopping centres that you can visit if you are wanting to take a break from the casino and relax. As the name suggests, this extravagant casino maintains a Venetian style and this means that you can experience a ride on a gondola without having to go to Venice.

Casino Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal

Established in 2006, Casino Lisboa is one of the newest casinos to enter the European scene. It was an instant success and has since soared to the top of the list when it comes to the most popular casinos in the world. Although it is not as large as some Las Vegas favourites, it contains an impressive 22 gaming tables and 700 slot machines as well as three fine-dining restaurants and four bars.

Tusk-Rio Casino Resort – Klerksdorp, South Africa

This casino is the perfect choice for those wanting to experience a bit more culture and wildlife. The Tusk-Rio adopts an authentically African safari aesthetic. Being 267 000 square feet, it is the fifth-largest casino in the world.

It includes 12 gaming tables, 257 slot machines and an impressive selection of retail stores, entertainment options, and an array of fine-dining experiences. Should you wish to experience a taste of Africa without compromising on your casino standards, this is the perfect option for you.

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