July 28, 2021

Cricket Betting Tips for Sports Bettors

Cricket has to be one of the best opportunities for calculated winnings by informed players in the betting industry.

As there are almost daily matches across the globe, and very often more than one match, a vast range of nuances on which to bet, and great liquidity shown across an incredible selection of betting markets, cricket offers the best in gaming chances, especially for informed punters.

Essential Research for Punters

Study the statistics and past results for each ground: There are great online tools which allow you to view past trends on almost every pitch.  Trends such as pitch characteristics, the run-rate, innings totals and match winners can give you a very good idea of where it might be best to place your money.

Understanding the impact that the weather has on the game: Weather does make a difference to the markets to play on Cricket games.  On sunny days the advantage goes to the batsmen, and works against the faster bowlers. Relentless sunshine however, will bake the pitch causing it to break up, and this will favour the spinners towards the end of the game. Swing bowlers have a big advantage when there is consistent cloud cover, so the batting totals historically are much lower than the average on days like that. Also, do keep in mind that in bad weather the Duckworth Lewis method will be used to reset the batting overs, if the overs had to be reduced in a one-day match.  If this happens you will need to keep a close watch on the live game, as it can have a massive effect on who ends up being the winning team.

Research the players:  Besides the very best of the all-rounder’s, most players have a more specific skill-set and certain conditions and game formats which they play best in.  As Cricket has so many variations, this is essential knowledge to gain if you plan on betting on Cricket. For example, some players are superb Test and over 50 batsmen, but just not great at T20, and vice versa.  There is certainly a broader home pitch type that affects outcomes.  The batsmen from India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh generally learn on pitches which are slower, and with less bounce than those encountered when touring.  So when playing in South Africa, England or Australia, they tend not score as highly as they do on home turf. The same applies to the English teams’ sub-continent games.

Knowing Tournaments and Formats

Understanding the different formats in Cricket does give the informed better increased odds of winning.  There are different strategies for betting on the following formats: Five-day international Test Matches; English County four-day matches; Fifty-over per side matches (usually international sides); English counties Forty-over per side matches played in the CB40 Trophy and Twenty-over per side cricket matches. The Twenty-over side matches are a hugely popular, global cricket phenomenon played on the international scene, and offer four large main club tournaments. Do some good research into the different Cricket betting strategies before getting started with wagering.

The Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets

For the total match the most popular cricket betting sites markets are match winner, completed match and match end, whereas for innings betting the most popular markets are top team batsman, session runs and total runs.

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