July 28, 2021

Review of A Win for All Seasons Slot by Aristocrat

With online casinos offering welcome packages and regular free incentive bonuses, along with the ease and convenience of being able to play games anywhere, anytime, land-based casinos need to offer players games they can’t get online, to stay competitive. The A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot is one such game. It is not yet available in an online version, although similar titles from other developers can be found with a little diligent searching.

For now, the A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot remains a title only to be found in land-based casinos running Aristocrat software. However, it has a number of features that slots fans might be keen to try, should they ever encounter it on a casino floor.

Doing What It Says on the Box

The idea behind the A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot is to represent all four seasons in one game, and that is exactly what this title achieves. Innovatively, they way Aristocrat has pulled it off is by including four separate five-reel boards on one screen, with Spring and Autumn side by side below Winter and Summer.

Like in several slots at this Android site, each reel board has 20 paylines, and the player can adjust the number of reel boards in play, from 1 to 4. However, the bets per line are also widely adjustable, so whatever the budget, players are advised to play all four reel boards on every spin, even if this means settling for a lower bet per line. This is because engaging all four boards increases the chances of activating the lucrative bonus feature.

Symbols Reflecting the Seasons

All four reel boards in the A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot share the same low-value poker symbols, 9 to A, wrought in bright, simple fonts. However, the higher-value icons are all specific to each board’s season. Spring has a bird, a butterfly, a flower and a ladybird, while Autumn sports a falling leaf, a squirrel, some nuts and a clump of mushrooms. Winter has a snowman, a Christmas tree ornament, a pair of skates and a woolly hat, while summer is all about beach balls, a snorkelling mask, a pelican and a tropical fish.

The A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot has no Wild, and the Scatter symbol is a simple card with the word Feature on it. Players need at least five Scatters, in any position across all four boards, to trigger a round of free spins. This is the main reason to play all four boards on every spin: it makes it easier to trigger the bonus feature; especially considering it requires at least five Scatters.

The Number of Free Spins Varies

Five Scatters in the A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot trigger a round of 10 free spins, but this number increases with each extra Scatter, until it hits a maximum of 50 free spins for nine Scatters or more. Depending on how many boards the player has activated, the free spins feature will also allow the player to choose from up to four options, each one adjusting the number of reel boards in play during the bonus round, against a multiplier to be applied to wins.

Players can choose fewer reel boards with bigger multipliers, or vice versa. Either way, whether playing four boards with a 3X multiplier or one board with a 12X multiplier, the player can pick up some substantial prizes in the bonus rounds of the A Win for All Seasons Aristocrat slot.

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