July 28, 2021

An Introduction to Live Betting for Punters Online

With modern technology moving at such a rapid rate, and new gadgets and gizmos being released almost every day, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s happening in the world. After all, a bettor with a smartphone has access to dozens of online bookmakers, and can pace bets on hundreds of sporting events around the world. It seems like we’re living in a science fiction novel.

One of the major benefits of this incredible convenience is how easy it’s made live betting. But what is live betting, how exactly does it work? Live betting refers to placing bets on a sporting event that is currently underway, and happening at the time the bettor would like to place bets.

Some sporting events will not allow bets to be placed once the sporting event has officially started. Other events, however, allow live betting, which means that bets can be placed even while the game is in progress.

Changing Odds

This means, of course, that the betting odds of the event will be changing dramatically as the game unfolds. As each goal is scored, or wicket is taken, or whatever the sporting event happens to be, bookmakers update the odds. A bettor can place bets according to the odds that apply at that moment. This gives rise to incredibly interesting bet making options, and in many cases enormous payouts are made, if the bettor backs a team that seems like it will lose, and manages to come out on top.

A team that seems like an underdog in the first minutes of the game will be given low odds, but as we all know, teams often come back from rough beginnings to be victorious. It is these instances where bettors earn massive payouts.

You Keep Your Odds

The important aspect to keep in mind making rugby wagers here or placing bets on other sports where live betting is concerned is that once a bet is placed, the odds are locked in at the time that the bet was made. Regardless of what occurs in the game after that point, and how dramatically the odds may fluctuate, the payout will always be as according to the moment the bet was made official.

Live Betting Via Online Feed

Many online bookmakers now offer live feeds on their websites. Bettors can watch the game via the website, and place live bets as the game unfolds. Betting software is built into the website software, meaning that the bettor need not leave the game in order to place live bets. These feeds are accessible via smartphone, tablet, or any other device that has a reliable internet connection.

Alternatively, the bettor may place live bets via smartphone, even if not watching a live feed. The betting application may be accessed anywhere the bettor happens to be, and bets placed in just a few seconds of time. Remember that odds displayed on an application may need to be refreshed in order to show the latest changes. Some applications are live, and update in real time. Others, however, may be showing old odds, if not refreshed regularly.

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