September 2, 2021

Big Bang Slot Described Online for Players

Intergalactic travel has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time.  One has only to cast a bird’s eye glance on the popular themes behind the ideas and notions that we have developed into books, comic strips, blockbuster movies and the like, to conclude that we are utterly besotted with and captivated by the possibility of the existence of other planets like our own.  We have written and rewritten tales of adventures that are simply out of this world.  Big Bang draws on this universal fascination with Space and all the hidden promises of mystery that it holds.

Sci-Fi Theme

A diamond dotted expanse with a slight art deco feel forms the backdrop of the game.  The control panel displaying the game functions reminds of the electronic steering panel on the inside of a regular modern day space ship.

Playing the Big Bang Slots

Big Bang is a Video Slot featuring 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols and 24 pay lines.  A panel of multipliers appear on the left hand side of the screen. Multiplications range from 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and up to 32x.  With each win, a tab climbs to the next multiplier, making the multiplication increments rather exciting.  As soon as no wins are tallied, the tab returns to its original position at 1x. The concept of multipliers undoubtedly is the X-factor in this game.  For instance, combining 5 Sun symbols with the 32x multiplier accumulates to a grand total of 32 000 credits.

Big Bang Symbols

The Symbols elaborate even further on the inventive undertone created on the initial screen.  A variety of planets and stars come and go in a futuristic animation, reminding of alien weaponry annihilating anything in its path.  The colours of the stars and planets vary and are significant, as each colour represents a different amount added to the total tally once 5 of the same kind are landed on the reels.

700 credits are awarded for a combination of 5 of the yellow planets, 500 credits for 5 of the green planets, 400 credits for the purple ones and 300 credits for 5 of the blue.  Playing cards also appear as symbols, recreated in order to keep up with the modernist form of the game’s imagery.  The star symbol is a blazing Sun, with a winning score of 1 000 credits when a total of 5 are landed.

Straightforward Play

The simplicity and user-friendly aspect of play definitely adds to the game’s friendly and inclusive charm. The lines of the designs are clear, and the rules simple yet quite conducive to winning.

The game can be played in paid mode or purely for fun. Player registration and complete download isn’t required as a rule, lending an uncomplicated “play as you go” feel to the experience.

Options for placing a bet are flexible like in various slots at the casinos listed at this site.

When a large win is scored, Aurora-like lights move across the screen.  This lends a rewarding visual feel to an already monetary rewarding round.

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