July 9, 2021

Best Guide to Learn How To Play Slots Online

For first-time players, their first foray into online slots can be intimidating. Fortunately, once you’ve learnt the basics, playing slots online is both simple and highly enjoyable.

First things first: learn the vocab

When it comes to online slots there are a few essential words and phrases to learn:

  • Reels: vertical lines bearing various pictures – usually three to five on each reel
  • Symbols: the pictures featured on the reels
  • Payline: a line displayed across the wheels that shows matching symbols – the lines on which a payout is granted
  • Wild symbol: like a Joker in cards, a symbol that can substitute for others

These are the basics that will become easier to remember as you practise. There are various slots to choose from, including 3 or 5 reel slots, progressive slots and mega spin slots, each offering different potential payout amounts.

Choose a good casino and do your research

It is very important to choose an online casino that is reputable and reliable. Be sure to go for a casino with a license. Before playing anything do some research about what kinds of slots are available and what level of risk they hold. When starting out it’s best to go with lower risk and lower wagers, even though this makes it unlikely to win a large payout.

Warm up with demo games

Luckily online casinos have the option of demo games in which you can go through all the steps of playing slots without the risk of losing money. This can be used to get a practical understanding of different variations of slots.

Set your budget/limit

Before you start playing slots for real money it’s a good idea to set a budget – that way you won’t be tempted to push on once you’ve reached that limit. Winning something immediately might result in the urge to spin again and again, which isn’t a sensible strategy if you want to keep risks to a minimum.

3 Steps to playing slots:

  1. Make a deposit

If you’re playing a demo game then no cash is needed, but when you want to try your luck with real slots the first step is to deposit funds in your online casino of choice. If gambling is legal in your area then credit or debit cards work; if it’s not, then you’ll need to use an eWallet like Skrill or PayPal.

  1. Choose your paylines and wager amount

The process may differ between different online slots but the basic premise is the same: after making a deposit you choose which paylines you want to play and/or how many. Remember that you can change your wager amount whenever you need to.

  1. Ready to spin?

Then press the spin button. When the reel stops “spinning” there will be a randomised outcome on the screen. If the paylines match those selected by the player, money will get paid out.

Playing slots online is very simple but understanding the intricacies can be more complicated – make sure that you know what you’re doing before putting money into the game.

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